Complete the Circles

I've been working on a number of projects related to behavior change in recent months. One is in a medical context. Another is in a leadership context. And yet another is in nutrition. 

At the outset the contexts seemed disparate. However, the more I've dug in to them the more similar they all seem. They're about motivation and aspiration. They're about habits and social contexts. They're about behavior and change. 

I grabbed an Apple Watch once they became available in stores. I had a set of reasons for purchasing it. As it turns out, those reasons are for the most part not among the reasons why I've grown to value it. 

One unintended consequence is the impact it's had on my desire to complete visual circles. Three nested circles represent different move goals for each day. I've changed the way I spend my time over the last three weeks at least once a week in order to get the circles filled in. 

There is a measurement component to this influence. There is a visual component. There is a proactive and positive component too.

What else could be measured, visualized and made proactive in an effort to influence behavior change? So many things.