VR Link Collection

by Joseph Rueter

Virtual Reality (VR) has burst into conversations I've been having in the last few weeks. I've been poking around and sharing links with friends to nudge conversations along. Below you'll find a simple, non-exhaustive, set of links and descriptions that have been part of some of those early conversations on the subject. 

A site like YouTube but made to host VR video

Get the littlstar app for iOS

Example VR
Load the following video in Google Chrome, hit play and nav around -- VIDEO

A VR headset company - owned by Facebook

A headset built in collaboration with Oculus

Cheap VR headset for your phone for under $25

An even cheaper VR headset

An entry level camera configuration for capturing VR. Still around $3k+ for the 6 GoPros

A crazier camera.

Live stream VR is coming from companies like

But you can live stream, in 2d, from your phone too - from apps like:
https://www.periscope.tv - owned by twitter
and http://meerkatapp.co
Just not in VR! But, can you imagine VR from your mobile phone? 


Clearly, folks will want to find a practical application for VR. We're getting along just fine now, right? So, why strap silly things to your head? 

Well, I can assure you that it does not feel silly when I'm in a VR experience that interests me. I suspect that you'll have a similar experience. Sure, it looks silly to others. But, hey, they can't see what you see. They're certainly not experiencing what you're experiencing. 

One of the most influential thinkers to my perspective on gaming is Jane McGonigal. Her book Reality is Broken seems to my mind to be all the more applicable to VR. Here we go. 

So, what do we do with it? 

I've not had a similar thought explosion of possibilities since I first encountered 3D printing. Your mind might also tend to race with implications after your first VR experience. Not sure really what to do with it. 

So... remember an IMAX experience you may have had with a helicopter lofting over a mountain ridge and your heart dropping out of your stomach? Folks are building VR experiences for that like http://www.wingsvr.com/#about

Placing VR cameras in beautiful or interesting places are killer first starts. Experience something you wish you could or might never ask to experience like sitting with an orchestra, riding in an F1 car, jumping out of something (per the above), etc.

Commercial applications for first responders and the like have been advanced in conversations. Clearly real estate provides a number of opportunities. What about mounting a streaming VR camera to the base of a drone? What about to the camera mount that flies NFL fields? You could sell a special ticket for that camera feed? And the list goes on.

A company called Visual is building a social media experience for virtual reality. This seems to be the group advancing communication between humans with VR the most. But what do I know? It's early. Things are moving fast. 

Imagine if your computer desktop was in VR? You could have a slew of monitors in your headset. What if your conference calls were in VR?

There is something magical about being able to turn your head and have the image move that so completely puts you somewhere else in a way that looking at a fixed object presenting a video just does not come close in engagement. Fascinating. More to come.